Working strategies in BC

Every bettor (especially a beginner) should understand that the BC india has a mathematical advantage. Professionals have learned how to make better evaluations at the distance, which gives them the opportunity to consistently make a profit, but this comes with many years of experience. To make a bet and make a profit, everyone should have a game strategy, ideally, if there is more than one. In the future it is necessary to develop their own schemes and skillfully use the commonly available ones.

Against the favorite

The system of playing against the favorite (or on the outsider) can be justified only if the bettor follows the calendar very carefully. Identifying such a bet is not easy, but quite realistic. It is necessary to choose the meetings of the top clubs during the Champions League games. Of course, such a competition is always valued much higher than the national championship, it is more prestigious and financially profitable.

Be that as it may, and many famous clubs, such as Bayern Munich, very often win the domestic championship, but it is quite a long time since they became champions of the Champions League. The problem is that many bettors cannot understand that if teams give their all to the Eurocup playoffs, they have to put out a sub-optimal squad for the national championship. In spite of this, many continue to choose the favorite, although in this case it would be reasonable to do the opposite.

Value Betting

Valuation bets are made when the bettor gets an advantage over the BC line, in other words, an inflated odds. There are several reasons why this may happen, but there's no way around it without getting deeply involved not only in the betting process itself, but also in betting in general, because it will be necessary to make the most in-depth analysis yourself.

And even with in-depth analysis, it is possible to miss the fact that the analysts at the betting company have taken into account and therefore put this level of odds, and not another. The search for a valley is done using the following formula: (coefficient × % probability) ÷ 100. The most difficult thing here is to determine the percentage of probability.

The long run

The essence of this scheme is simple enough: the bettor chooses an event and fixes for himself the initial bet, take, for example, $ 10. Now we start betting in this algorithm: $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, etc. The point is that after each unsuccessful outcome the next amount should increase enough to overlap the previous failures. Once the bet has passed, you can start again with $10. It is worth noting that such a scheme will have the right to life only at odds of 2.0 and above. Also do not forget that it is necessary to have a sufficiently large bank, because to interrupt the catch-up should not be allowed, otherwise large losses are inevitable.