Bookmaker's margin

Bookmaker's margin: why do bookmakers need it?

It is the size of the bookmaker's guaranteed earnings from each bet. Experienced players define margin as a commission of an office, which is also true.

Margin affects the bookmaker's odds: the lower it is, the higher the odds are. At the same time the company itself often does not disclose the difference that it puts in the odds. There are reasons for this:

  • Variable value: the share of compensation laid down by the BC in the quotations is constantly changing. It depends on many reasons: the importance of the particular event, the media component, etc.;
  • advertisement policy of BK: often the studios lower the margin on unpopular markets and events to attract customers - the higher the volume of betting, the higher the income of the bookie. This is advertising for inexperienced players.

Understand what is margin in the work of the bookmaker's office will help the example of flipping a coin. The chances of "heads" or "tails" falling out are 50 to 50. Logically, the bookmaker must accept bets on parimatch cs:go the flip of a coin to one side or the other with the same odds of 2.0 (100% / 50% = 2). If the bookmaker accepts an equal number of bets on each event, the office will earn nothing. Therefore, BKs have found a profitable way to make money for themselves.

In the world of betting, just like in soccer, logic does not work. Bookmakers will put their profit in the initial odds of 2.0. In such a situation, the BK will offer to bet on equal outcomes with odds from 1.8 to 1.95. This is where the margin difference lies.

A player choosing a bookmaker company should pay attention not to the flashy design of the official site, the abundance of merchants or tempting bonuses, but to the size of the margin. Experienced bettors will not let you lie: over a long distance even its minimum value affects the income.

What is the margin?

According to its size BK are divided into three categories:

  • Fundamental - above 5%;
  • Average margin - 3-5%;
  • Low margin - up to 3%.

For example, a Champions League playoff match will have a lower margin than a Chinese Super League championship game.

The second hallmark of low-margin bookmakers, in addition to the percentage, is a number of indicators:

  • high maximums;
  • weak pre-match coverage;
  • poor live betting.

Betting houses with such characteristics are great for professional players, who focus on "distance".

Fundamental BKs are not liked by professionals. They are more suitable for beginners and ordinary fans of collecting expresses to increase the level of excitement when watching games. Such BKs make hundreds of millions.

How can you tell if a bookmaker is underbidding the odds? Suppose a bookmaker offers to bet on equally likely events at odds of 1.91. This figure corresponds to a margin of 4.5%. Another office for the same match offers odds of 1.95. Naturally, the player should choose the second option, because here the odds are higher.