Contractual matches in sports betting

Selling the forecast

This methodology works according to live casino parimatch two schemes - prepayment or postpayment. That means there are kind people who can give accurate forecasts for a certain amount of money. But they do it only after they get the money in their account. Or, conversely, you pay after the bet is passed. This is done in order to gain your trust. But in any case, both the first and the second are a complete scam.

Consider the case of prepayment. You pay money and get a forecast made up. On his website, as proof of his success, the pseudo-predictor lays out his statistics. But the statistics is of course fake, with a specially designated number of wins and losses. Also, this site will be distinguished by another nuance - the hidden comments. That is, in fact, if you bought a forecast and it did not go, then the review you probably will not be able to leave. And all for one simple reason: only "selected" positive comments are published there, and people may well believe it and get caught. Real reviews at such sites are 99.9% negative. But alas, you won't see them in the public domain.

It is also worth mentioning that scammers use various services and programs for artificially tweaking the number of likes, reposts and subscribers, in order to attract the attention of potential customers. After all, the truth is that if the group has a significant number of followers, reposts and likes, then it really inspires confidence.

Often people are given different information on the same event. This is done by the cappers, so that a certain part of their clientele would be satisfied, share their winnings with them and ask for their services again in the future. It looks something like this: I send you the final score 1:0, the other 2:0, the third 2:1. And someone's bet will shoot. As a result, you get a chain: the bet passed - positive feedback - repeat purchase - the privateer is in the black.

In the post-pay option, you only pay after the bet passes. You are given some choice and a fake sense of freedom. But let's be frank: it's the same for the privateer whether you lose or win on the bet he picked at random, and if he wins you still have to pay part of the sum. Freedom does not smell. It's better to bet on your own analysis and lose than to let others profit at your expense. Even if you lose you will still incur less loss.