When to visit an orthodontist?
An orthodontist specializes in the treatment of malocclusion. Not so long ago, orthodontic treatment was used almost exclusively by children, but today adults very often resort to the services of orthodontists. When should I visit an orthodontist? The answer to this question is not so simple.Causes of malocclusion
In order to answer the question posed in the subject of this text, it is worth first finding out the causes of malocclusion. It turns out that malocclusion is most often associated with bad habits and non-compliance with the rules of dental care in childhood. It is in young children that a human bite is formed, and if we neglect or refuse to treat baby teeth, there is a high probability that in the following years our child will suffer from a crooked bite. The assumption of premature loss of "baby teeth" means that permanent teeth growing in their place cannot simply be located, they will overlap each other or there will be no place for them at all. Therefore, you need to take care of a simple bite already in childhood, so that you do not have to undergo orthodontic treatment later.
First visit to the orthodontic office
Taking care of the condition of your child's baby teeth is just one of the elements that will prevent tedious, therefore long–term orthodontic treatment in the future.
It is also very important to monitor the correct development of the child's bite. Therefore, all parents are advised to come to the orthodontist with their children before any malocclusion is detected. You can come to such a reception with a child who is only 3-4 years old. Such a visit can be regarded as a control visit, the orthodontist will carefully check whether the baby's teeth are developing and positioned correctly, and if any deviations are detected, he can recommend the use of the so-called vestibular plate, i.e. the simplest type of orthodontic apparatus, which the child will have to use only 2 to 4 hours a day and which will allow the necessary correction of bite at an early stage of development.
Visiting an adult orthodontist
Visits with a child to an orthodontic office are designed to prevent malocclusion. The situation is different for adults and children who already have all permanent teeth. In such cases, it is worth going to an orthodontist to check whether we really have an even bite and whether it needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, it is not easy to live with a malocclusion. Crooked teeth can cause difficulties in the process of chewing, change the appearance of the jaw and cause speech defects. The only method of their treatment is orthodontic treatment. Reactoonz is that rare kind of slot where there’s always something going on. There are cascading symbols, a bonus counter that accrues as wins roll out, colossal symbols and multipliers all happening at the same time during the base game. In addition, you can also get the Unstoppable bonus to add wild symbols to the screen.