Pitfalls when buying a used car
Before you spend your hard-earned savings on a used car, you need to collect all the information, and not only technical, about it.Before buying a used car, ask a few mandatory questions in such cases, and it doesn't matter how you get an answer, by phone or in person.Why is this car for sale?This question should be the first one. Since there may not be an exhaustive answer to it, but he will give you the basis for further bargaining. Most likely, the answers will be like "I bought another car for myself" or "Two cars are too troublesome for me."What is the mileage of the car?Depending on how old the car is, you can estimate the condition of the car offhand.Although there are many nuances here, for example, the car stood in the garage for a long time, or vice versa, it worked in the "taxi" mode.Who was the owner of the car and for how long?If the seller was the permanent owner or most of the time he was the owner, you can find out more information about the passage of maintenance or repairs. If the seller tries to get the car to you as quickly as possible and almost immediately gives you the keys, you need to think about why he is so impatient.Is it possible to test the car on the road yourself?Such a test drive is simply necessary. And not 5-10 minutes, but at least 2 hours. Try the car on the highway at high speed, and in the city with a large cluster of intersections and traffic lights.Where was the car located? In the garage or in the open parking lot?This is very important! If the car was standing in the open air all the time, especially in winter, then the probability of corrosion is very high.Have there been any accidents or accidents involving this car?This is also a mandatory question. Any accident leaves a mark on the car. If the car is after a serious accident, it is better to abandon it immediately, even if there are no visible traces. For example, if the car racks are driven, but it is not visible to the eye, you will throw money away in vain. Therefore, it would be useful to take a good mechanic with you to the deal, he will identify these shortcomings.When you receive an answer to your questions, follow the seller's reaction. You do not need to catch him in a lie, but to see which question he answers with reluctance or with a little doubt. This will be the basis for more meticulously checking the car or refusing the deal. Remember, the car market is constantly replenished, and it's not worth taking a "pig in a poke". Well, the mandatory conditions for cars, as always, remain - comfort, reliability and safety. Good luck to you! Looking for a currency trading app? Use binany apk for Android