How to glue wallpaper with your own hands
The process of wallpapering seems difficult only in appearance, but in fact it is easier than many imagine. But it's still better to call someone for help, so it will be even easier to glue wallpaper.
Preparation of walls
Before you start, you need to remove the old wallpaper. To do this, take and wet a sponge or rag and run it over the wallpaper until they get wet enough. You can also use sprinklers, which usually spray plants. Wallpaper can be cut a little so that water gets under them. But before using the sprayer, do not forget to turn off the light, so that there would be no short circuit when water enters the outlets.
Further, after 5 minutes have passed, this will be quite enough for the wallpaper to move away from the wall, remove them, if they do not give in, carefully use a spatula or other tools.
In the case when water–based emulsion paint was used when painting the wall, a soap solution is used or special solutions are resorted to, which are sold in any construction store. If the paint still does not lend itself, you can peel it off with sandpaper.
Next, we remove the old plaster with a spatula. After that, we apply a layer of primer to the wall and level it with a layer of putty on top.
In order for the wallpaper not to peel off for a sufficient time, we apply another layer of primer with a brush or a special roller, but after the previous layer dries.
Gluing wallpaper
First, prepare the glue according to the manufacturer's instructions and the area where you will cut the wallpaper and apply the adhesive solution to them. You may also need a stepladder.
Follow the following plan:
Measure the wallpaper to the desired length and cut them with a special knife or simple scissors. In order for the cut line to be smooth, it is recommended to use a ruler. Also put something under the wallpaper cloth so as not to scratch the floor covering.
Study the instructions that go to the wallpaper, it usually indicates where it is necessary to apply glue, immediately on the wall or on the wallpaper itself. Spread out the roll and apply the glue. Wait a bit and let the wallpaper absorb the glue for 5-7 minutes is quite enough. After that, lift the wallpaper only by the upper edge and proceed to the next step.
Do not neglect the use of the level. It is recommended to start gluing from the window, so you are less likely to deviate from the vertical.
When pasting wallpaper, close all doors and windows because in a draft, the glue will dry quickly and the wallpaper will not stick. The recommended indoor temperature is 20 degrees.
Take the canvas and bring it to the wall directly under the ceiling. Then smooth it well with a dry cloth starting from the middle and up to the edges. It is recommended to glue the next canvas joint to joint or with overlap (if this is acceptable with this type of wallpaper).
Check the wallpaper for bubbles, if they are present, squeeze them over the edge of the canvas with a regular cloth or pierce it.
In the corners, 2 overlapping canvases should be glued. Because if this is not done, the wallpaper will move away or there will be folds in the corner.
In the places where the sockets are located, make a cross-shaped incision on the canvas with a knife in advance and then cut out a square. Also don't forget to turn off the electricity.
After completing all the work, close the door to the room and leave it for 24 hours. If this is not done, there is a chance that the wallpaper will move away from the wall

It is advised to take into account the type of wallpaper in the place where they will be glued. For example, for places with a high level of humidity: kitchen, bathroom, etc., washable vinyl wallpaper is used. Also, if the walls have irregularities, this disadvantage can be removed by embossed wallpaper.
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