Dragon Tiger: The Exciting Card Game in India


  • Dragon Tiger: A captivating casino card game
  • Origin and popularity in India
  • Easy to learn and fast-paced gameplay

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What is Dragon Tiger?

  • Simplistic yet thrilling gameplay
  • Played with a standard deck of 52 cards
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced casino players

Rules of Dragon Tiger

  • Objective: Predict which hand - Dragon or Tiger - will have a higher-ranked card
  • Each hand receives one card only
  • Ace is the lowest card, followed by 2-10, and then face cards

Betting options in Dragon Tiger

  • Main Bets: Dragon, Tiger, Tie
  • Side Bets: Suited Tie, Big, Small, Odd, Even

Gameplay of Dragon Tiger

  • The dealer deals one card to Dragon and one to Tiger
  • Cards are placed face up on their respective positions

Determining the winner

  • The hand with the higher-ranked card wins
  • If the ranks are the same, Tie bets win

Payouts and winnings

  • Main Bets: Winning bets pay 1:1, except Tie bets pay 8:1
  • Side Bets: Payouts vary depending on the specific side bet

Dragon Tiger Strategies

  • Dragon has a slightly higher winning probability in the long run
  • Consistent betting on Dragon may yield better results

Manage your bets

  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Avoid chasing losses and practice responsible gambling

Dragon Tiger in Indian Casinos

  • Growing popularity in Indian land-based and online casinos
  • Availability in various formats, including live dealer games
  • Indian players enjoy the simplicity and fast-paced action

The Appeal of Dragon Tiger

  • Ease of understanding and playability
  • Quick rounds and instant results
  • Suitable for players looking for a high-paced gambling experience

Responsible Gambling

  • Setting limits on deposits and losses
  • Taking regular breaks to maintain control
  • Seeking help if gambling becomes a problem


  • Dragon Tiger offers an exciting card game experience in Indian casinos
  • Easy to learn yet full of suspense
  • Test your luck and strategic thinking with Dragon Tiger and enjoy the thrill of the game.