How to Order Simoniz Pressure Washer?

Simoniz Pressure Washer is the top seller hot pressure washers. Other than that, it also provides detergents and accessories for all the need of your simoniz pressure washer machine. The models are available, dependable, durable and affordable to handle all cleaning jobs.

Simoniz is an accredited manufacturer that truly gives a prominent name in providing quality items to resolve your pressure washer problems. It has been serving us for many years and has proven that they can maintain the efficiency, further develop the current products, and introduce more product lines in power cleaning. The products that carry the name of this company are Simoniz Pressure Washer and rechargeable jet washers. Simoniz provides more information about:

• Electric and Simoniz Pressure washer
• Pressure washer chemicals
• Pressure washer accessories
• Replacement Parts
• Pressure washer tips
• Warranty registration
• Warranty evaluation form
• Procedures on how to buy a pressure washer

Product Line Features

o High pressure turbo nozzle for optimum power washing
o Bypass system for pump safety
o Ground fault protection for the user’s safety
o Faster, more efficient and saves water compares to conventional hose
o High impact molded body with integrated wheels
o Dispenses job specific pressure wash machine
o Light weight and easy to move
o Easy to operate with manual guide for all washer especially the Simoniz Pressure Washer
o Troubleshooting assistance
o Warranty service

Different Types of Simoniz Pressure Washer

1. Simoniz 1300 PSI pressure washer for quick pressure washing of mobile vehicles
2. Simoniz 1750 PSI Pressure Washer for around the home outdoor cleaning
3. Simoniz 220 SPD Pressure Washer perfect for house siding and fencing
4. Simoniz 190 SPH Pressure Washerfor all around household cleaning

Important Specifications of Simoniz Pressure Washer

Electrical Cord: 35 feet
Electrical Requirement: 120 volts, 15 Amps, 50 Hz
Minimum Amperage Source: 15 amps
High Pressure Hose: 20 feet
Flow Rate: 1.6 gallons per minute