Gymnastics for pregnant women independently
Gymnastics for pregnant women can be held independently at home, only before advise with his doctor to reveal if you have contraindications or not. Contraindications include: detachment of the placenta, hypertension, threat of premature genera or miscarriage, prestal and much more. If the doctor is allowed to carry out gymnastics, then it can begin to engage immediately from the second trimester. From time to time it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

There are three simple rules for gymnastics for pregnancy that any woman needs to know.

1. Each period of pregnancy corresponds to their definite exercises and recommendations;
2. It is necessary to completely eliminate jumping, exercises with simulators and load on the press;
3. When greeding the heartbeat and the occurrence of the tone of the uterus, charging must be stopped, relaxing and arrange a small, and the main gentle massage of the sacral region and the lower back.

Here are some simple and not sophisticated exercises that future mothers can do every day at all without experienceing for their health and the health of the kid.

Exercise first:

"Fair Bending". This exercise is intended for the back, it removes the stress in the back and in the tension area, significantly improving well-being. The initial position is standing on a slightly broken kneel, while the back must be kept smoothly. Standing in such a pose need to get back as they make it cats. After such a bending, it is necessary to return to its original position. You need to repeat this exercise several times, the exact number of repetitions depends only on you.

Exercise Second:

The initial position is exactly the same as at the exercise "Fat Begging". From this very source posture, it is necessary to pull forward the right hand, while at the same time the left leg needs to be left back so that the sock rests on the floor. At this time, the lower back should be in a literal position. After that, it is necessary to return again to its original position, after which you repeat your actions. The number of repeats each woman sets for itself. This exercise improves and strengthens the posture.

Gymnastics for pregnant women is extremely necessary to facilitate various troubles that can wait any woman during pregnancy. To all other, gymnastics to a certain extent prepares women to the upcoming birth. The most important thing about what you always need to remember is that gymnastics for pregnant women has its own contraindications, which is why, before you decide to make special exercise for pregnant women every day, be sure to talk with your doctor and spend a small examination, suddenly it is forbidden anyone Physical exertion (even the smallest) on the body during pregnancy. Best Ukrainian women in dating chat on online. Find your ukrainian love now!