Prayer List


We pray for and with these people of God that He will grant our petitions asking for His grace and mercy by granting their desires to be healed and to be delievered from their current situations.  Know that we pray daily for those on our Gospel Traxx Prayer List.
Ms. Mildred Parks - Atlantic City, N.J.
Sheldon Thompson - Atlanta, GA. - Prayer for his family and their new baby.
Michelle Harding - Tulsa, OK. Prayer for her 13 year old son diagnoised with cancer.
Ester Wall - Flint, MI.
Rachel May - Florida
Jamal Smith - Sister called for him asking for prayer and God to heal him of cancer.
Loyd Dover Jr. - Baltimore, MD., Prayer for his mother's healing.
Bessie Mayo - Prayer for her and her daughter.
Ann Marie - Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Sierra Wells - Burlington, ? Prayer for her Grand Mother and Mother. - This was a small child who called because of her faith in God.
Penny Jones - Lynchburg, VA.
Joy - Hampton, VA.
Ms. May - Charleston, W. VA.
Paula Martin - Prayer for her son and her friend Pamala fighting cancer.
Ruby Smith - Dillion, S.C. Prayer for her family and the John Marshall family and the Pasco family.
Charlotte Brown - Prayer for her and her child.
Patricia Mathews - Toledo, OH. - Her brother Terry Ramsey called putting her on our prayer list after her open heart surgery for her to get well.
Mike Mayo - Nashville, TN. - His son Joseph Mayo in Tyler, Texas called asking for prayer for his father's healing from cancer.
Deniece - Ft. Walton Beach, FL. - Prayer for her community to be healed because of the controversy holding the city in fear.
Mike Harris - Decatur, AL. - Prayer for he and his family.
Gerrod Hinson - Lynchburg, TX. - Mrs. Mary Hinson, mother of Gerrod, called for us to pray for Gerrod to be healed of his medical challenge.
Adam; Willis; and Clifford - Big Sandy, TX. - Mom, Nancy called for us to pray for her sons to have God's hedge of protection around them daily.
Chyanne (?) Ford - Greenville, N.C.
Ms. Kate - Baton Rouge, LA. - Pray for her and her children.
Deniece Walker - Stockton, CA. - Prayer for her children and grand children.
Brenda - Stockton, CA.
Maria Bradford - Stockton, CA.
Vickie Brown - Stockton, CA.
Ms. Felton Lazar - Beaumont, TX. - Prayer for her brother and her son.
Tim Raines - Beaumont, TX.
Jesse - Brunswick, GA.
Austin - South Bend, IND.
Terrence - Starksville, MS.
Carlos Kemp - Dayton, OH.
Jennifer Rose - TX.
Frederick Jackson - TX.
Paula - S.C.
Edward Vanzant - Tatum, TX.
Lisa Kim - Kansis City, MO.
Patrica Roser & Husband - Miami, FL.
Jackie - Alexandria, LA.
Brenda Davis request prayer for her sister Joyce Rose - Toleto, OH.
Shannon Tilly - Tyler, TX.
Marleen request prayer for father/daughter and herself - Hollywood, FL.
Rochelle Wright - Norfolk, VA.
Corey Arnold - Cleveland, TN.
Thresa Taylor - Grand View, MO.
Sonya Bratchard - Decatur, IL.
Sharon Thomas - LA.
Veda Johnson request prayer for her mother and the youth of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area to stop the violence esspecially sexual assults on younger male children.
Greg - Beaumont, TX.
Joanne Parker - Catonsville, MD. (CHECK SPELLING OF CITY IN MARYLAND) (PRONOUNCED - KAY-TONS-VILLE) Spelling I don't know!
Michelle Faulk and Johnnie Rae Faulk and family - Beaumont, TX.
Barbara London - Long View, TX.
Rochelle - St. Louis, MO.
Allie Black - Lynchberg, VA.
Bernadine Mitchell and the Mitchell family - Lexington, KY.
Michael Watson - Norfolk, VA.
Fannie Waterman - Charlotte, N.C.
Carlos Jones - Newport News, VA.
Eric Tamrick - Kingstown, N.C.
The Stokley family of Chattanooga, TN.
Sherlynn Jefferson - Miami, FL.
Ms. Workman - Macon, GA.
Vanessa - Eastern Shore, MD.
Gerry Robinson - Lexington, KY.
Cleveland Knight Jr. - Mobile, AL.
Mary Haynes - Roanoke, VA.
Cheryl Lynn - Bryant, TX.
Mary Miller - Flint, MI.
Carolyn Bedo - Philidelphia, MS.
If you have a PRAISE REPORT, please take the time and call the Faith Phone Line at 1-877-WALTLOVE and give us your testimony to help encourage other by letting them know that PRAYER TRULY DOES WORK.  Praise God y'all!
Walt "Baby" Love