Tips for passing the game Hitman 2. Passing game #090
Story missions

On this page of our Hitman 2 guide, we have prepared a complete walkthrough of all 6 mission stories available during The Ark Society on Sgaile Island.

The elimination methods listed below are not the only ones available - only those that are the result of completing story missions. Other methods of elimination have been described in other sections of this chapter.

Phoenix from the ashes

Target: Zoey Washington. You can sabotage the big Phoenix mechanism, and then, dressed as the host of the ceremony, invite Zoya to the show and burn her alive.

You will learn about this mission when the couple talks to each other in the screenshot above - they are standing next to the upper courtyard, where the ceremony of burning a large stuffed Phoenix is planned.

Agent 47 has to get to the back stage, located exactly under the Phoenix image. From the place where you heard the conversation, go to the cliff. Beware of two guards patrolling the area - you can use the tall grass to avoid detection. You can reach your destination by crossing a narrow ledge at the cliff - skip the first window and enter through the second.

Wait until the guard finishes the conversation and leave the room, leaving two caretakers inside. Throw the object to the other side of the room and eliminate the first caretaker who explores it. The second keeper always has his back to Agent 47, so it's even easier to eliminate him. Hide both bodies in a container.

Find the wrench and use it as shown in the screenshot above. So you sabotage the hydraulic mechanism so that Zoya can't get free after the show starts.

Now Agent 47 has to find the master of Ceremonies. It can be found in the south room of the chapel shown in the screenshot above. Getting here is easy:

Enter the side location next to the upper courtyard.

Go to the next crypt.

Use the ladder inside the crypt.

Agent 47 will reach the observation room in the chapel.

Get past the guards and go to the room of the south chapel. The doors are locked - use a lock pick or steal the guard's key?

Besides the master of Ceremonies, there are two other people in this room. You can easily destroy enemies, for example, by turning on a gramophone. After someone approaches to turn it off, attack it and hide the body in the container. However, be careful, as the master of ceremonies tends to walk around the room and from time to time approach the window. hacks for fortnite