Symptoms and causes of schizophrenia
Humanity has many fears. Some are afraid of some things, others of animals, others of closed rooms, darkness, etc. For a long time, you can list people's fears. But probably one of the biggest and most unwanted fears is the disease schizophrenia, that is, losing your mind.

What is schizophrenia?

We live and do not even suspect how many people on the planet suffer from schizophrenia. Almost 1% of the total population and the majority of which are women. This disease is even more common than multiple sclerosis or diabetes mellitus.

Schizophrenia is a disease characterized by a mental disorder and is associated with a breakdown of reactions and thinking.

Schizophrenia is translated from Latin as premature dementia, and from Greek – split mind.

It is also necessary to highlight that schizophrenia occurs differently in different people and therefore there is a special classification of this disease.

There is schizophrenia:

- Paroxysmal is when the symptoms of the disease change to remission (recovery) and a person behaves absolutely calmly, cheerfully, generally like a normal person. And the period of remission can last for a very long time, but over time the attacks of the disease manifest themselves

- Permanent – in other words, a chronic stage in which a person suffers from this disease in a severe form from the moment of the disease until the end of his life.

Now the manifestation of schizophrenia occurs at the age of 30

Symptoms of schizophrenia

It would seem that only people in adulthood can get schizophrenia, but in fact not. The first moments of the manifestation of a mental disorder can be noticed at a young age: in women from the age of 26, in men – from the age of 18. It can only be a “flash”, or it can proceed slowly.

Schizophrenia groups:

- The first group includes symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations.

- The second group includes eccentric behavior of a person and violations of his correct thinking.

- And the third group includes all the negative symptoms.

It also happens that a person may have symptoms from two groups, or maybe from all three.

Now more is revealed about the symptoms:

- Nonsense. Probably, many people have heard that “a person is delusional”, these are the first symptoms of the disease. Since a person is convinced of things that are completely inconsistent with reality. He has incorrect beliefs and this prevents him from thinking correctly and making any decisions. For example, a person is convinced that someone is watching him or wishes him harm, or everything around is encrypted, or that someone is sending some thoughts into his head, etc.

- Hallucinations. A sick person develops events that do not exist at all. Often he can hear some unprecedented voices.

- Disorders of thinking. In other words, it is disorganization. A person cannot properly direct his thoughts says complete “nonsense".

- Eccentric behavior. This is a strange form of human behavior. He can be excited and aimlessly unmotivated to move or vice versa fall into a camp of immobility, in which it is very difficult to withdraw him. He can also do some kind of eccentricities.

- Negative symptoms. Those that are included in the third group and in which a person manifests sensual stupidity (that is, situations do not cause any reaction in a person). There is also a poverty of speech, in which the patient cannot give a full and open answer, he has no facial expressions. Also, such people do not look into the eyes of the interlocutor when talking.

Causes of schizophrenia

Until now, scientists cannot explain the causes of the disorder of the mind, but mostly rely on heredity.

Several versions of the development of a disorder of the mind:

- Genetic inheritance. All scientists are most inclined to this version. Since in families where people have already had schizophrenia, such diseases are most common in successive generations. And what this is connected with has not yet been fully disclosed.

- Education. There is no one hundred percent confirmation that it is the poor parenting of their children that can cause this disease in them in the future. But still, psychoanalysts tend to believe that if there is no necessary connection between mother and child, and the whole upbringing was very “cold”, then in adulthood he may develop schizophrenia.

- Stressful situations. There is also no such confirmation, but supporters believe that any severe stressful situation can affect the brain so much that symptoms of the disease appear later. offers an incredible selection of bonuses and promotions to its players. From daily free spins, to weekly deposit matches, this casino has something for everyone. All new players are eligible for the Welcome Package which includes a 100% match bonus and up to 50 free spins on select games.