Parent vs adult child. How to deal with control?
Parental control during the growing up of the child and the formation of him as a person, the phenomenon is normal. We will say more - this peculiar practice of education, which allows not only to adjust the behavior of the child, but also to protect him from possible dangers. At the extent of growing up, parental control should weaken, giving the child the opportunity to make decisions independently and keep an answer for their consequences. Such a formula of behavior is a good option for the formation of a responsible worldview, says this psychotherapy on Skype. But, there are situations when parents carry tight control and the life of adult children, trying to impose their concepts and solutions to them. In this case, an adult personality receives a lot of problems. And if you still add a complex of excellent student/excellent students here, then you can compare such a person with a smoldering volcano, which at any time can throw out his emotions. What no one knows. Even a psychology specialist cannot give an answer. Let's try to figure out how not to become a victim of parental control for a lifetime. The conversation with parents. The cause of total control of the life of a child can be called fear for his future. When parents are afraid to let him go or doubt that, having left the nest, the chick will be able to live normally. Therefore, the first option is to talk heart to heart with parents. If people experience banal fear, then the conversation and a small compromise in the form of real round -the -clock support can help solve the problem. Independence. You can start small. Find a job or a part -time job (depends on age), move out of parents and then show them that an independent life is normal. No one cancel the need to listen to the advice. But, they can be mildly adjusted. The determination of personal boundaries. Perhaps this item is quite problematic to fulfill for children who are accustomed to obey control all their lives. They will have to defend them for a long time and persistently. Such behavior can turn into a quarrel with parents. But, sometimes, unfortunately, this may be necessary. Expanding relationships. This is a cardinal step that they resort to when other options simply do not remain. There is no mutual understanding or even a hint that a compromise will be found. Unfortunately, all aspects of the conflict remain unfortunate. Children lose their support for loved ones, parents - communication with their children. Over time, communication may improve. But, the damage caused can only compensate for the work with the therapist or psychological assistance. Who would not say but all the same money is something important and they need to earn otherwise everything will go wrong, so if you want to earn money I have for you an excellent scheme for earning money online and most importantly easy to use, it is of course about this site as you have heard about this site because they often talk about it and I myself love this site but this is not important, of course the main factor that there is not just earn easy but also enjoy it.