Features of the warehouse insulation by polyurethane foam
During the construction of warehouses, it is important to perform proper insulation not only the walls of the premises, but also to the roof. This is due to the fact that the warm air rises up and in the presence of drafts or cracks in the space between the crate or thin roofing material, it is rapidly cooling. As a result of the warehouse, a constant heating of the entire warehouse is required, which is unprofitable from an economic point of view. Therefore, many want to install thermal insulation material and attract building brigades for this, because they do not know how to insulate the roof of the warehouse from the inside. But in fact, the conduct of installation work on insulation is quite simple and they can be performed independently. How to choose the right thermal insulation material? At present, there is a fairly large selection of thermal insulation materials, which differ not only in their insulation properties, but also by the installation method and the requirements for ensuring certain conditions for operation. Therefore, you need to be guided by such basic criteria when choosing them. How to properly insulate the roof of the warehouse- low thermal conductivity allows you to ensure a high level of thermal insulation.- the density of the material. The higher it is, the worse the insulating properties.- The ability to absorb water. This property is extremely undesirable and better if at least the surface of the insulation is water-repellent.- resistance to temperature changes without loss of properties.- Low combustibility.- simplicity and speed of installation. This is affected by the method of delivery, fragility, weight and types of fasteners.- Environmental friendliness. It does not affect the quality of characteristics, but in some cases artificial materials can be dangerous or harmful to human health. Peniopolius is a material that is used to warm warehouses and isolation from noise and extraneous sounds in low -living residential quarters, in the production of roofs, floor ceilings, floor ceilings walls, etc. We fill in the insulation of the roofing all these parameters most suitable: mineral wool, polystyrene and polyurethane foam. Minvat is usually supplied in the form of rolls and to fix it, it is necessary to use a crate from the beam. Foam can be installed on the adhesive base. Polyuertan foam is applied in a liquid form on a hard base, and then freezes. The main advantage of mineral wool is a high degree of thermal insulation, but it is afraid of water and can partially lose its properties, so it needs to provide high -quality waterproofing. https://fizzslot.co.in