MegaPari Promo Code - 130% Sign-Up Bonus

MegaPari is a popular bookmaker that offers a variety of bonuses, promo codes and promotions for its players. These offers are a great way to get additional benefits and increase your chances of winning. In this article, we will look at what promo codes, bonus codes and promotions are in MegaPari, and how they can be obtained and used.

MegaPari Promo Code


MegaPari promo code: 557755 - use the bonus code you can get an exclusive 130% welcome bonus of $130 on sports betting and 1590 euros 150 free spins at the casino. This offer is intended for new players only. The promotion is valid until December 31, 2024.

Promo codes are special codes that give players the opportunity to receive additional bonuses or privileges. Promo codes can be sent out individually to players, be available as part of special promotions or be published on the official MegaPari website. They usually consist of a combination of letters and numbers, which the player must enter in the appropriate field when registering or depositing.

Bonus codes are unique codes that allow players to receive bonuses on their deposits or other types of rewards. These codes can be provided as part of special promotions or sent to players individually. The introduction of a bonus code when replenishing the account allows you to get additional funds for the game.

Promotions are temporary offers and events held by MegaPari for its players. As part of the promotions, players are provided with various bonuses, promo codes or special conditions for betting. Promotions may be associated with certain sporting events, holidays or other occasions. They usually have a limited validity period, so players should be careful and use them on time.

To get promo codes, bonus codes or participate in MegaPari promotions, players are advised to follow the news and updates on the official website of the bookmaker. Here you can find information about current promotions, special offers and get access to promo codes. You should also subscribe to the MegaPari newsletter to receive notifications about new promotions and promo codes by email or mobile device.

When using promo codes and bonus codes, it is important to carefully read the conditions and requirements associated with their use. Some codes may have certain restrictions on bets, withdrawal of winnings, or expiration date. To avoid misunderstandings and to be sure of receiving bonuses, it is recommended to carefully read the rules and instructions provided by MegaPari.

Bonuses, promo codes and promotions in MegaPari provide players with additional opportunities and benefits. They help to increase the game balance, get more chances to win and enjoy a more diverse gaming experience. However, players should remember that bonuses and promo codes are additional rewards, and using them does not guarantee winnings. It is important to play responsibly, observing the rules and not exceeding your capabilities.

Bonuses, promo codes and promotions in MegaPari are interesting opportunities for players to get additional bonuses and privileges. They help to make the gaming experience even more exciting and profitable. When using promo codes and bonus codes, it is recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions and follow the updates on the official MegaPari website.

Along with the main bonuses that are of the greatest interest to fans of sports betting, MegaPari bookmaker actively uses other incentive tools in its activities. The easiest and most effective way to attract users' attention to your gaming product is to distribute promo codes.

This element of the bonus program of the MegaPari bookmaker is the most popular and the most affordable. Thanks to a simple combination consisting of letters and numbers, the player gets additional advantages. The offer is interesting because the player receives the same benefits in the form of bonuses that can be used already when making a bet. 

In addition to the fact that such offers are free, in order to receive bonuses through MegaPari promo codes, players need to consistently perform certain actions. As a result, with the help of a regular code, the player receives and activates a bonus, with which you can place bets on more favorable terms.

Let's analyze in detail. What is a MegaPari promo code? What is the functionality of promo codes and how to use the received bonuses correctly? We hope that the information provided about promo codes and the bonus program in general will be useful, increasing your chances of winning.

Promo code functions when registering with MegaPari

Why does a player need a promo code during registration at a bookmaker's office? Registration is a mandatory procedure. Only after creating an account, the player receives the status of a client with all the ensuing consequences. After creating an account, all the functionality of the gaming platform, a variety of bonuses and other preferences become available to the client.

It is the registration that gives players access to the main bonuses with which you can make your first bets. In this case, the MegaPari promo code is the key to obtaining additional bonuses, which the player receives as a reward for the decision to become a client of the office.   

Use a promo code, get an additional portion of bonuses, which together with the main promotional bonuses can affect the quality of the game.

MegaPari promo code at registration: 557755 allows you to get a 130% bonus on the first deposit of up to $130 in the sports betting section, as well as 1950 euros and 150 free spins in the casino section. The current bonus promo code for today, the promotion is valid until the end of 2024.

According to the terms of the promotion, for the promo code used during registration, the user receives an exclusive bonus of 130% of the amount of the first deposit made. The maximum amount of the exclusive bonus is $130 or the equivalent in another game currency.

In order to receive such a generous welcome bonus, the player needs to fulfill the following conditions:

  • find the appropriate bonus code on the partner site, copy it;
  • go to the MegaPari bookmaker's website and register;
  • use a promo code when registering;
  • make your first deposit of at least $1.

In order for the bonus to be activated, the player needs to give consent to participate in the promotion during registration, or do it in the settings of the personal account. The bonus amount is credited to the player's account automatically immediately after the funds are credited to the game account. 

Remember that the received bonus will need to be wagered on express trains with 3 events, the coefficients of which are at least 1.40. The bonus amount must be put down five times.

This type of bonus is available only to new customers and only if the corresponding promo code is used. The promotion may not be available to players from a number of countries, so when you receive a bonus code, carefully read the terms of participation in the promotion.

Why is this bonus called exclusive? Unlike the main promotion, in which a new client receives the same amount of bonuses after the first deposit, in this case the size of the welcome bonus due to the promo code is 130% larger.

After receiving the appropriate amount to the bonus account, the player must win it back. The time limit for wagering is 30 days from the moment of registration. To win back, you need to use the entire amount of bonuses for the express with the x5 wager.

The express must consist of 3 or more events, and at least 3 events must have odds to the outcomes of at least 1.40. It will be possible to get a win only after the wagering conditions are met. 

For the duration of the promotion, you cannot receive new bonuses and use other bookmaker offers. 

The exclusive bonus can be obtained only thanks to the promo code and only once, during the registration process.

If a promo code can and should be used for new users only during registration, promo codes can be useful to regular customers already during the game. With their help, you can at some stage increase your gaming potential, get additional chances to win.

By becoming a client of the MegaPari bookmaker, players can receive so-called marketing bonuses through promo codes that are provided directly by the bookmaker. The office provides its customers with codes as an incentive under the loyalty program. 

You can get a bonus code:

  • on your birthday;
  • for a successful series of bets;
  • for active participation in promotions.

The player receives a notification about the promo code through his personal account, via an SMS code or as a result of mailing to an email address.

After receiving such an offer, the player needs to activate the promo code within the established period. You can do this in your personal profile in the section "Bonuses and gifts".

Before using the code, it is recommended to study in detail the terms of the promotion and the procedure for using the bonus code. 

The main format of bonuses received by regular customers from the bookmaker as an incentive is free bet, insurance bet, confidence bet and cashback. In each individual case, the procedure for using and activating the code, wagering, and the bonus received is established. 

Players can receive and use promo codes in any game situation, without restrictions. The only nuance that should be taken into account when working with codes is compliance with the order. Each subsequent bonus available through promo codes can be activated only after the previous one has been wagered.

MegaPari Promotions and Bonuses 2024

MegaPari promo code 2024: 557755 - use the code when registering and get: $30 free bet bonus, $130 registration bonus, 150 free spins at the casino, as well as cashback and other bonuses and gifts.

If promo codes are elements of single one-time promotions, then in addition to them, there are permanent promotions at the disposal of the MegaPari bookmaker. A number of offers may be of interest to players. Let's start in order.

First deposit bonus. In the event that the user decided to simply register at the office, he can count on a welcome bonus of 130% of the deposit amount. The maximum available amount of bonus funds within this promotion is $100.

A promo code is not required in this case, and to participate in the promotion, the player must comply with the following conditions:

  • registration in the office;
  • give your consent to participate in the promotion;
  • make a deposit of at least $1;
  • activation of the bonus automatically, immediately after filling out the questionnaire in your personal profile and receiving funds to your gaming account.

This offer is available only to beginners and you can use the welcome bonus only once.

The wagering of the received amount is carried out in the following order:

  • the entire amount of bonuses must be put down on the express in a 5-fold amount.
  • the express bet must include at least 3 events;
  • the coefficients for the three events must be at least 1.40.

Only after the wagering conditions are met, the profit received goes to the client's gaming account and can be withdrawn in any convenient way.

Free bet for the first deposit. In addition to the main bonuses, which involve receiving a large bonus amount, beginners can also receive a more modest free bet bonus of up to $102 at the MegaPari bookmaker.

To become the owner of a free bet, you must:

  • register at the office;
  • agree to receive bonuses;
  • make a deposit of at least $31.

As soon as all the conditions, including a completed questionnaire in a personal profile, confirmation of a mobile phone number, a free bet of up to $102 in the form of a promo code becomes available to the client.

It takes a month to use the free bet. As for the order of using the free bet, they are as follows:

  • place an express bet with at least 3 events;
  • The coefficients for the events must be at least 1.60.
  • you need to pay for the express free bet for the entire amount.

The free bet as a greeting is available only once. Only a new client of the MegaPari bookmaker who has been registered can receive it.

We have sorted out the welcome bonuses of the MegaPari bookmaker, which together with promo codes will help new customers feel confident when making their first bets. Now it's time to deal with the bonuses that are available to regular customers. The following suggestions look interesting.

Bonus up to $500 for an unsuccessful series of bets

Under the terms of this promotion, the bookmaker is ready to compensate his client for unsuccessful bets.

The main conditions for receiving such a generous bonus:

  • mandatory full registration in the office;
  • bets with a face value of $2 with odds no higher than 3.00.
  • the series should include 20 unsuccessful bets.

The amount of the bonus depends on the size of the bet. In case of unsuccessful bets from $2, the player receives $100 bonuses. In case of unsuccessful bets in the amount of $5 or more, a bonus of $ 250 is available to the player. If the player has not played 20 bets in the amount of $10 or more, the bonus is $500.

20 lost bets placed in a row during the month are counted. Bets can be both ordinary and express. The express should include events from different sports and with different coefficients. 

Moreover, the express bet is considered lost if the result of all events was unsuccessful.

Bonuses are provided to the player after submitting the corresponding application, specifying the subject of the letter "A series of unsuccessful bets".

Promotion "Cashback 3% on bets made during the week"

According to the terms of the promotion, the bookmaker MegaPari provides players with a cashback of 3% for lost sports bets that were made within one week. To get this bonus, the player needs:

  • complete a full registration at the office;
  • make bets with odds to outcomes of at least 1.50.

Refunds are made only from lost ordinaries made within one week.

Action "Calendar of cyber bonuses from MegaPari"

As part of this promotion, players betting on esports events can receive up to 20% cashback from the bookmaker.

The conditions for receiving cashback are as follows:

  • register, authorize an account;
  • to conclude within one day at least 20 bets on esports events specified by the bookmaker;
  • the bet size is not less than $1. Odds to outcomes are not lower than 1.50.

The percentage of cashback depends on the format of the event and the discipline. The refund is made within the next day based on the final results of the events.

Action "Express of the day"

The participants of this promotion are the clients of the bookmaker who have placed a bet on the express, compiled directly by the bookmaker. Players have ready-made coupons for express bets at their disposal, from which you can choose the most acceptable option.

Next, you need to pay the bet at your own expense. If successful, the total coefficient increases by 10%.

Promotion "75% weekly deposit bonus"

This promotion is interesting for players who regularly top up their account. According to the terms of the promotion, the player who replenished the account on Saturday in the amount of $ 5 or more receives a bonus of 75% of the deposit amount. The maximum amount of available bonuses within this promotion is $100. 

2 days are allotted for wagering the bonus. During the wagering, bonus funds must be placed on an express with at least 3 events in football. Only ordinaries for net outcomes with coefficients of at least 1.50 are counted

Birthday Bonus

This promotion covers all players who have registered and filled out their profile in their personal account. The bonus amount is determined individually depending on the client's gaming activity, but not more than $ 100. One of the main conditions for receiving a gift is regular deposits for a month totaling at least $ 100.

The gift is available to the player only once a year. The bonus holder is a player who has accurately indicated his date of birth in the registration form and has passed verification.

The first step to getting bonuses in MegaPari is registration

If the promo code is the first step to registering with the MegaPari office, then registration is the first step to receiving the bonuses themselves.

The attractiveness of the bonuses of the MegaPari bookmaker just lies in the fact that they become available only to regular customers. Only after the user creates his account, fills out a questionnaire with personal data, replenishes his account, he receives all the functionality of the gaming platform, including the entire set of valid promotions and bonuses. 

The most favorable offers within the bonus program are received by those players who register at the office for the first time. As for the registration procedure itself, it looks standard and does not differ in anything special. There are only two registration options:

  • registration via a mobile phone number;
  • registration via a valid email address.

Let's look at how registration takes place by each of the methods separately.

To begin with, creating an account through a mobile phone number is an easier way. The player needs:

  • select the phone code of the country, enter your mobile phone number;
  • enter the confirmation SMS code in a special column;
  • choose a game currency;
  • enter a promo code (if available).

As soon as all the windows are filled, the user needs to check the box, agreeing with the rules of the bookmaker and confirming his age of majority. Click the "register" button.

During registration, you can make a choice in favor of a welcome bonus, for sports betting or for a casino. 

Authorization is carried out automatically. After logging in to the personal account, the new client must come up with a password with which to log in to the account in the future. The login to log in in this case is a mobile phone number. 

For reference! In order to fully use the bookmaker's functionality, including receiving bonuses and withdrawing money from the account, the player needs to fill in his personal data in the account after authorization of the account. Otherwise, the bookmaker's functionality will work with restrictions.

Registration via email is a more complete procedure. In addition to the mobile phone number, the future client must specify the following data:

  • host country, region;
  • first and last name;
  • email address;
  • enter a promo code;
  • come up with a password.

Again, you need to agree to the rules of the bookmaker and confirm your age of majority.

Authorization of a new account is carried out after email confirmation, which is carried out by clicking on the link. 

In the future, login (email address, phone number) and password are used to log in to the account. After logging into the personal account, the player must fill out a questionnaire with personal data. The latter is an important point when passing further verification.

The second step to receiving bonuses is the first deposit

After registration, the player needs to replenish his gaming account. This will allow not only to make a bet, but also to become the owner of a welcome bonus. By the way! Almost all bonuses in the MegaPari office are provided to the client subject to mandatory replenishment of the account. 

The office operates in an international format, so it accepts different currencies for calculations.

The minimum deposit is the equivalent of $1. 

To top up the account, the player needs to log in to his personal account, select the "Payments" tab and the "top up account" option, and then choose an acceptable payment method. The bookmaker offers a choice of up to 50 different ways to make a deposit, including:

  • Visa and MasterCard bank cards.
  • payment systems Skrill, Neteller, Much Better, Perfect Money and ecoPayz.
  • using internet banking;
  • cryptocurrency wallets;
  • ground terminals.

The bookmaker does not charge any commission for the deposit, so the entire transaction amount goes to the gaming account. The money is credited instantly.

It is recommended to use the same methods used to make deposits to withdraw funds. Moreover, depending on the country of residence, players are recommended to choose those payment methods that work in a particular jurisdiction.

An amount equivalent to $1.50 is available for withdrawal. Funds can be withdrawn only after the client passes verification.

What you need to know to bet correctly in MegaPari

MegaPari bookmaker offers its clients a fairly wide selection of sporting events covering a variety of sports. In total, the line publishes up to 1000 different matches and duels in football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, boxing, esports and other sports disciplines. 

There are events in more than 40 sports at the players' disposal, including both the most popular and less well-known and exotic ones.

Accordingly, in order for promo codes and bonuses to be used properly and bring benefits, it is recommended to choose the most suitable events for future bets.

Event Selection

In practice, it has been proven that a long series of bets can bring success. In this sense, football events are best suited. The bookmaker provides a huge number of football matches in a variety of tournaments, starting with matches of popular European championships and ending with matches of the Champions League, the Europa League. These tournaments last throughout the season. Accordingly, you can place bets constantly for a long time. 

No less interesting is the bookmaker's offer for fans of hockey, basketball, volleyball and tennis. In these sports disciplines, events at the level of the NHL, NBA, Grand Slam tennis tournaments, WTA and ATP are successful.

Bid format

In order for bets to win more often, it is recommended to choose the most likely outcome options for future betting. The greater the probability of the outcome, the greater the chances of winning. Naturally, the coefficients in this case will be low, but the risk of losing is minimal. 

For beginners, the best option is ordinaries. This betting format assumes the use of the simplest and most understandable outcomes for betting, such as a clean outcome, bets with a handicap, totals for more / less.

No less popular with players are express trains, which include from 2 to 12 events. Express allows you to sum up small coefficients for each individual bet, resulting in a good overall quote. 

For players with a lot of gaming experience, you can play the system or make combined bets. Each of the options has its pros and cons, so when choosing a bet, you need to be guided by certain knowledge and skills.

Strategies and tactics

It is not worth playing for fun, making random bets and relying only on luck. The best solution in this situation is to use a game strategy. Any tactics and strategy will allow players not only to achieve the systematization of bets, but also ensure a reasonable expenditure of their own funds.

At the same time, it is important to know that none of the strategies gives any guarantees of winning. Therefore, you should not rely on the fact that with the help of the strategy it will be possible to achieve great success. Play the aviator game on the official website

Frequently asked questions

What MegaPari promo codes are available to players?

The format of the bonus program of the MegaPari bookmaker assumes the presence of two types of promo codes:

  • bonus codes used only during registration;
  • bonus codes that are available to players on an ongoing basis as a gift or encouragement.

Each type has its own specific bonus format.

What does the MegaPari promo code give the player when registering?

Under the terms of the current promotion, the special code used by the player during registration receives an exclusive welcome bonus of $ 130. The promo code can be used only once and only during registration.

Do I need to win back the MegaPari welcome free bet?

Having received a free bet of up to $102 from the bookmaker as a greeting, the player should simply use the free bet for its intended purpose. The order of using the freebet is as follows:

  • Express bet with 3 or more events;
  • place an express bet with at least 3 events;
  • event coefficients are at least 1.60.
  • express is paid at the expense of clients' funds.

What are the conditions for receiving other bonuses in MegaPari?

The main condition for receiving bonuses in the MegaPari office is registration, a completed questionnaire in your personal profile, a confirmed mobile phone number and email address.

Next, after registration, the player needs to top up the account. Only after that, a number of bonuses become available to the player, each of which is used under certain conditions.

What game currencies does MegaPari bookmaker accept? What is the minimum deposit?

The bookmaker works in an international format, taking into account more than 100 fiat currencies and crypto. The minimum deposit in the office is an amount in the game currency, which is equivalent to $ 1.

What is the Express rate?

Express is a type of bet that includes simultaneous outcomes for different events. The number of events in the express varies in the range of 2-12. The main distinguishing feature of the express is the total coefficient, which is obtained as a result of the product of all coefficients for events included in the total bet.

How do I register at the MegaPari bookmaker?

Players are given two registration options to choose from:

- creating an account via a mobile phone number;

- registration via a mobile phone number.

Each of the options provides for the use of promo codes. Each of the registration options allows you to receive welcome bonuses.

Are bets available immediately after registration?

Let's start with the fact that after the bet you can do either at your own expense or at the expense of bonuses. Accordingly, after registration, the player needs to top up the account. Only after that you can get bonuses, you can make bets both at the expense of bonuses and for your own money.

What game strategy should be used for betting?

There are a large number of game strategies and different techniques that can benefit players at some stage of the game. However, each strategy has its own characteristics. Players should know that there are no win-win strategies.

What determines the percentage of cashback?

Depending on the conditions of the promotion in which the player participates, the percentage of cashback may be different in the range of 3-10%. Moreover, the percentage of return also depends on the size of the bets placed, on their number.