Books about sports betting and football

Prediction of sports outcomes is a competition of wits between a bettor and a bookmaker. At the same time, initially the conditions are unequal, since it is the bookmaker that forms the coefficients. It includes a staff of analysts, special software. From the side of the player, only information that he can find and effectively apply. To equalize the chances between the office and the participant, experts in the field of trading, working with big data, mathematics, psychology, athletes and bettors share their experience, mistakes, tips, strategies. This article contains books about sports betting that will help users understand the basics of betting, learn to read the line, apply strategies, mentally prepare for possible losses, and separate useful information from the rest of the garbage. 25 best must-have works are presented.

Sports betting: earnings for smart people Andrey Bask

A book about the basics of betting: outcomes, handicaps, totals, basic systems. The author considers betting not as a game of chance, but as an investment and science using probability theory together with statistical analysis.

Andrey Bask Edition

Betting for beginners Farid Kasymov

The name speaks for itself. It contains complete information about betting, describes the options when a user can fall into a period of constant loss, how to deal with it. Fundamentals, strategies, search for surebets, correct analysis of events. After reading this book, beginners will find a lot of useful information that will help them become real professionals.

Nate Silver Signal and Noise

Research will teach you how to make accurate forecasts professionally. How to filter the information field and separate the wheat from the chaff. By the way, the author was able to predict the results of the US presidential elections twice.

The secrets of professionals in sports betting Vitaly Kush

This work is a presentation of the author's personal experience. Strategies, mistakes that lead to a complete loss of the bank, pitfalls, the author's rating of the bookmaker. All this can be found in the book. Suitable for beginners and professionals.

Smart money Michael Konik

Konik is famous not for his betting success, but for being a member of an international organization that dealt with fixed matches. It is this side of bookmaking that is described in the work. There are no strategies, tips for beginners, but this edition allows you to see the underside of the betting business.

How to beat the Miller line

The author of this book has been predicting sports events for more than 20 years. Miller details how a professional bettor thinks. The mechanisms of bank management, correct financial strategies are outlined. The textbook is a must-read for everyone from beginners to professionals.

The art of betting on sports by Joachim Marnitz

The joint work of Marnitz and experts in various sports disciplines: commentator K. Genich, founder of Liga Stavok O Zhuravsky and many other specialized world sports gurus. It is aimed at those who are starting their first steps in betting. It explains basic terms, slang, simple strategies in an accessible language.

Think slowly, decide quickly Daniel Kahneman

Many novice players think that betting is only numbers, odds, chance. But few people think about psychological preparation when placing a bet. Daniel Kahneman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Psychology, tells how to deal with emotions in a stressful situation, how to be able to switch and maintain a sober mind. All cappers must read.